3D floors with your own hands or how to make yourself envied
Recently, the production of self-leveling 3D floors has become increasingly popular. They are made not only in production in workshops with a large number of employees. Many people dream of making them in their home, apartment, dacha, retail outlets, swimming pools.Office, clubs, restaurants, sports buildings, hall - this is an incomplete list of public spaces where 3D self-leveling floors are also decorated.Reliability, practicality, originality and attractiveness - such qualities create popularity for three-dimensional self-leveling floors. They produce an unimaginable effect.Advantages of 3D self-leveling floors:- The materials used for floors are environmentally friendly.- They withstand heavy loads, shocks.- Due to the absence of cracks and gaps, the floor can be easily cleaned of dirt.- The floors are warm and comfortable.- Any base is suitable for filling.- The long service life of such floors pays off all costs.In order to save money, a three-dimensional floor can be made without resorting to specialists. To do this, it is necessary to observe very precisely all the stages of the technological process for the production of 3D floors.Disadvantages:- Filling requires a lot of attention, patience.- Installation has difficulties.- It takes a long time for the layers to harden.- Significant investments are needed. With self-pouring floors, you can significantly save money.Preparation for the execution of work Before the execution of work, it is necessary to ensure ventilation of the room, since you will have to work with toxic substances. In a cold room, filling the floor will not work.Then they are determined with the choice of a drawing or their own exposure. Photos can be ordered in specialized campaigns.The second case will require the main monetary costs for paints and necessary materials. It is important to prepare the tools and materials.The stages of the technological process of filling the floors Preparation of the foundations First prepare the basis for filling the floor. The base can serve as a concrete or metal coating. All corners between the wall and the floor are fixed with a damping tape.The surface is thoroughly cleaned of dirt, irregularities, looseness. Fill and level the pits, cracks, chips. The metal surface must be degreased.The surface of the substrate should be smooth and dry. Vacuum cleaner removes garbage.The primer is applied to the floor surface with a roller with a special composition for self-leveling floors. At the same time, small cracks, cracks, pits are covered up.The application of a ground surface is necessary so that the base layer adheres well to the floor.The base surface After applying the primer to the floors is allowed to stand for a certain time. Transparent polymers are ideal for the base surface.The base layer can be a common background if the decoration is chosen from artificial or natural materials.There should be no bubbles inside the surface. The construction level allows you to check their availability.The design of the drawing is already applied to the base layer of the drawing. There are two options: decorating with paints or pasting a picture.Paints cause a stunning effect, but it will be expensive. In any case, drawing a drawing will pull the main expense item. Therefore, it is not worth saving at this important stage. The overall impression of three-dimensional floors depends on the quality of the drawing.Most often, the pattern is applied to the fabric (banner). The fabric is laid flat and tightly on the base layer. Air bubbles are removed between the banner and the base surface.Filling the image with a polymer After gluing, the image or composition is filled with a transparent polymer. It is necessary to calculate its quantity in advance. The filling is carried out evenly in thickness, leveled with a needle roller. The polymer hardens. Cover the floor with a film.The coating of the drawing with a liquid liquid is covered with an anti-slip varnish. It protects the surface from various damages and increases the service life.After careful execution of all stages of manufacturing, an original three-dimensional 3D floor is obtained.Care of 3D floors to protect against scratches, the floor is periodically rubbed with mastic. Wash with ordinary water with detergent. Wash off the foam with clean water.Attention! Do not use chlorine-containing and abrasive materials.To remove dust, use a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush. With proper care, the floors serve the owners for a long time. In case of damage, the floor can be repaired.Thus, the attractiveness of self-leveling three-dimensional 3D floors lies in the design of the drawing. It depends on the imagination and imagination of those who want to have such floors. Buy Cenforce online https://wheretobuyinus.com/product/cenforce/ USA, UK, AU. Without prescription.