Pregnancy: fresh air
It is especially dangerous to spend the whole day indoors during pregnancy in the early stages, for 1460 days. This is the most important period, because it is at this time that the main organs of vital activity and the brain are formed in the fetus. At a later period, you should also not deprive yourself and your baby of clean fresh air. The child is defenseless against any chemistry throughout the entire period of pregnancy. The most dangerous period in which the baby's body can be most harmed by various chemicals is the second month.It is extremely unsafe for the expectant mother and child to be in an unventilated room.WHO scientists, having established that indoor air is much dirtier and more toxic than outdoor air, came to the conclusion that it is polluted indoor air that is the main danger to the health of the baby and the expectant mother.In the room, the concentration of chemical compounds, such as cadmium, mercury, lead, phenols, formaldehydes, exceeds the permissible norm by several times.Evaporating detergents and cleaning products are no less dangerous. Their concentration in the apartment is a hundred times greater than in the open air.During pregnancy, it is necessary to exclude the use of various detergents and cleaning products. It is not necessary to use, and even more so to be in a room where paint, glue and other harmful chemicals were used.Everyone knows that ordinary dust contains a huge number of microbes that are the causative agents of various diseases. One of the most famous diseases, the causative agents of which are found in house dust, is the flu. Therefore, sitting in an unventilated, permanently closed room is extremely dangerous for the expectant mother and her child. Fungal and mold spores also bring danger during pregnancy, it is because of them that changes in the body can occur. That is why expectant mothers are not recommended to take baths often.Walking in the fresh air during pregnancy is very important. After all, walking is the key to a healthy sleep. If possible, this should be done as much as possible, but the most important limitation is walking near the road or highway. After all, it is there that a huge number of compounds dangerous to the health of the baby are contained.Scientists at the University of California have found that carbon monoxide, which is released into the environment as a result of internal combustion, increases the likelihood of a baby being born with a congenital heart defect. Therefore, mothers should carefully consider the route of their walks. Order Kaletra online Buy Kaletra without a prescription - Kaletra official website.