Design of a small apartment: ideas for studio planning and small houses
The living area with a small area never causes difficulties at a professional designer - a real professional professional will be able to make a small metrar in good quality and will work on each meter that as a result will be comfortable and comfortable dwelling, which even the owner of the city mansion beyond the city. Looking at the photos of this apartment of small sizes, there should be no doubt that a skillful creator with a creative look and a convenient approach to business worked on her.

On the square of the small size of the studio apartment, which is closer from the very beginning of capital partitions, the project creator found a place for the guest room for sleep and kitchen-dining room. The project uses the original approach to space separators - it helped fill the house uniqueness and get away from grindiness and sharp corners.

The owners did not want to connect the kitchen with the guest, because it is not very convenient for those who for some reason can not keep in the cooking zone a wonderful order. So that the arrival of the guests did not confuse the owner, the partition in the form of a decor, which closes the kitchen from the eyes of people, tourists in the zone for receiving guests.

The added wall went only in favor of the kitchen - the partition is considered practical and accommodates the refrigerator, the wardrobe of the brass and the place for saving products and dishes. The table for work, the panel and sink are located on the right side of the window and do not interfere with natural lighting. An unusual table, which is used as a dining, and sometimes in the role of a worker, is fixed to the floor, and therefore should not be astonished by its asymmetric design and one leg.

Due to the original layout and correctly selected palette of colors, the guest room seems bright and spacious. An important role in achieving such a result plays a shiny wall decoration, ceiling and floor. The selection of one shade for the wall and the ceiling finishes helped not only increase the space, but also visually raise the height of the ceilings.

The guest center is considered a huge glass table - but its size does not take free space room. The secret hides in permeability - a practical and comfortable furniture object is practically dissolved and in no way prevents perception and convenience.

Dark furniture - another 1 good choice, which one helped reach the feelings of space. Many home housing small sizes fear furniture in dark color and in vain. And the matter is that dark shades are visually reduced volumes (this is intensively used by designers of clothing), and this means a chocolate sofa will always appear to seem miniature snow-white, even if they have the same system.

The territory of the bedroom and room where the bath is installed behind the decorative partition. Here you can also see the fabulous glass strength and bright facing. The headboard is highlighted in opposite decoration. A small wardrobe merges with the wall and does not rush into the eyes. Find you which are the best platform for fashion e-commerce websites.