Garrys Mod.
A peculiar physical "sandbox" created on the VSE engine is known for a wide range of users like Garry's MOD, otherwise GMOD. The developers of this product became Harry Newman. Initially, the mod was intended for the famous Half-Life Shooter 2. Up to the ninth version, it was distributed free of charge and was available for download on the official website of Newman. All subsequent versions have become paid and purchased through the Steam system.
GMOD was designed to demonstrate the extensive capabilities of the SOURCE engine, which is the basis of many famous shooters. There is no specific purpose or plot in fashion. Here you can experiment to the vast of physics using the game objects and characters. You can connect and disassemble the items, screw the wheels, change the facial character characters, change the textures and dimensions of objects. Implemented changes are limited only by the fantasy of users. The mod resembles a gravitational cannon from Half-Life 2. Items can be pickled at a distance, lift, thrust, throwing or tightening to yourself, for some time to keep in space still or rotating it.
There is an opportunity in one of the versions of the fashion to get a special tool-gun, or Tool Gun. This tool allows you to connect objects to one unit, welding them, connecting through an invisible hinge or linking ropes. All this allows you to come up with and create an impressive park of cars, devices and even a catapult.
This type of tool is customizable. As a result, the player can control the rotation of the wheels, motors, winches through the keyboard. You can always check the parameters created.
For example, you can always check the number of parameters created. For example, it is very accurate to determine whether the applied force will withstand.
In GMOD, you can not only play with objects. There is a lot of modes. This is a boat fight, zombie regime and run to death, hunting things and mini-games. There is not a fighting regime of a film by the film, in which in a specialized cinema you can view rollers created by players, as well as downloaded from the network.
A considerable role in GMOD plays society. There are modes that allow modeling life situations. With the help of special tools, the game cards can turn into cities with a variety of houses and household buildings. This feature is available due to the presence of the Lua Coding system.
Also players have the opportunity to create a variety of tools and new fashion. In fact, the most difficult from the modes is Wire MOD. Thanks to him, users can develop all kinds of realistic electronic devices. These are different types of turrets, satellites whose goal is spyware, and rockets with homing heads, and artillery installations. A set of available weapons is limited only by the fantasy of gamers. Мы собрали самый большой сборник промокодов для 1xBet на сегодня, все они рабочие и действуют в 2022-2023 году. В нашем списке есть: бонусы при регистрации, промокоды на слоты и на реальные деньги. 1xbet промокод при регистрации на сегодня игрок получается возможность увеличить сумму первого депозита на 130%. Максимальный бонус за регистрацию на официальном сайте букмекерской конторы 1хБет равен 32 500 рублям или $450. Кроме того, уже зарегистрированный игрок имеет возможность получить бесплатную ставку с помощью бонус-кода или фрибет без каких любо условий.