Mikita İzmaylov, the man who slept N1: "The Asquad system was born from the problem of making paymen

Recently Nikita Izmailov Evgenyevich had an interview where he told triplets about his life, career and so on. It is worth mentioning that he joined the Academy in the department related to the banking business. He studied at the department, which was called Accounting and Audit. After graduation, he became an auditor-accountant.

Why did you want to give priority to this profession?

Mikita believes he has an analytical mind. He wanted to become such a practitioner in order to develop his business. Now, when looking at one slide of three of his indicators, he can find the presence of one fault. When I was a student, I wondered how to create a business.

When he moved to the second year, he created a newspaper, which was called The Bag. The name was derived from the word "Suma". That is the name of the city. Thousand copies were printed. It came out in three weeks. It was possible at that time to get a marketability. But then it became clear that the big money could not be obtained this way.

Distribution of plastic windows became a way for the development of another business. Mikita worked as a distributor at one factory. He continues to communicate with one employee. This person helped me in my first commercial endeavors. The teacher at that time employed a group of students. They advertised the service associated with the installation of plastic windows.

After I completed my studies at the university, I decided to live in Kiev. I always wanted to be in the big four, I visited KPMG and Deloitte. At the same time I was involved in selling furniture. The furniture was produced in the factory. I was able to get a good sum of money. Then I wanted to study international standards, which relate to accounting and auditing. This knowledge helped me find a job with KPMG. The career began with success. She was promoted to senior auditor for three years. But the Great Four, the entrepreneur who ran his own business, did not go.

Why would you, as an individual entrepreneur with your own business, want to go into the world of the Big Four?

There was a lack of systemic knowledge with a Western understanding. It was necessary to figure out how the prosecution in the cities of Sumy, Kiev. This did not provide the impression. Great international company, which can offer work, seemed like a dream in a dark tunnel.

Which companies wanted to give priority at that time?

Mars, Procter & Gamble were the biggest names at the time.

Was KPMG able to reach its goal of being a Fortune 500 company?

Similar companies can help you realize your potential. My move to Parimatch was related to my work at KPMG. Paramatch paid more attention to people who were able to receive training at KPMG schools.

How did you end up at PPMG?

Initially I was offered a CFO position. You were eight or five years old at that time. But the company really began to change.

How did it happen?

Sergey Portnov and his acquaintances worked for Paritmatch. After analyzing the price trends, they wanted to be offered the position.