Main stages on linoleum flooring
Linoleum is a popular coating that can be used in residential, office premises, medical and children's institutions. The material is featured aesthetics, simplicity in laying and use.

Each floor repair begins with the preparation of the base. For this, all irregularities are removed. The base should be dry, clean and durable. With deep cream, a coating is made of chipboard or dvp, mounted by nails. The jokes are embarrassed by putty.

If the linoleum is laid on a concrete base, then irregularities are closed with cement mortar. And only after 12 hours you can continue to repair the apartment. The thin linoleum is placed on the substrate.

Now consider the technology how to wall linoleum. It is necessary to professionally cut the coating and perform the climbing edges. With a string, it is necessary to leave joints along a length of about 4 cm and width from 1 cm for shrinkage. Then the chopped coating is marked, folds face down and falls on 5 days. When cutting the canvas need to be laid according to the following method: large - bottom, and small ones.

The homogeneous linoleum color is steel by the joints perpendicular to the outer walls, and multicolor - in the longitudinal direction with the combination of the pattern.

Under the "dry" installation, joints are formed, so the edges are nailed. When the coating sticker it is necessary to cut the edges, and the rear part is smeared with glue. After 15 minutes, the canvas can be glued to the base. Another canvas need to lay the flashes to the first 2 cm. The glue can be applied with a brush or roller.

Sometimes the apartments remain the old linoleum with a good surface. It can be used as a substrate. If there are irregularities of the old surface, they need to be aligned with mastic and polish after drying. After that, the laying of the new coating is performed.

Preparatory work

By selecting the appropriate design, you can begin preparatory work on cleansing and aligning walls. It should be removed the old wallpaper with a spatula. If the coating is poorly removed from the surface, it is wetted with a special liquid or water.

It remains only glue. Usually, manufacturers offer their own glue with instructions for its production. Such solutions are suitable for seating surfaces with photo wallpapers, allow you to stick panels without gaps. Alternatively, you can use glue mortar for vinyl wallpaper. Ciasta na zamówienie https://tort.expert/pl/pl w dowolnym mieście w Polsce.